Final Project Submissions for ESE111, Atoms, Bits, Circuits and Systems.

About ESE111 : ESE 111 at University of Pennsylvania (only offered in Fall) is an introduction to the principles underlying electrical and systems engineering.  Concepts used in designing circuits, processing signals, analyzing networks, and understanding complex systems will be discussed in lectures and illustrated in the laboratory.  This course provides some of the necessary foundations for students interested in more advanced courses in Electrical and Systems Engineering department.


You need to be enrolled in ESE111 at UPenn

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Important Dates

You will need to turn in the following items, which will be used to determine
your grade on the final project:

: Due Monday, Nov. 16, midnight at Please submit a single paragraph summarizing
your proposed final project on submissions page. This will be used by the
TA’s to provide feedback on your project and will not be graded.

: Due Wednesday, Nov. 25, midnight. Each group will upload a short 2-minute
promotional video introducing their product and its use and application.
This video should incorporate what you learned about entrepeneurship
and how successful products fulfill market needs.

Video (Final version)
: Due Wednesday, Dec. 9, midnight. This final 5-minute video will contain your introduction and demonstration, along with a detailed technical description about your project.

Demo: Thursday, Dec. 10, 4-6 pm. Each group will be demonstrating their prototypes
for the TA’s as they walk around judging the different groups. There will
be food and drinks available for all the participants during this time.

Report: Due Saturday, Dec. 12. There will be no offical classes after the demos, but you should upload your materials to Devpost by this date. Please be sure to include any text, pictures, animations, and code in order to provide a good description of what you were able to accomplish.


Instructors and TAs

Instructors and TAs

Judging Criteria

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